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What is happiness? The Chinese character says it all. It is made from 4 words, God, one, man and garden. When we are one with God, in our garden, we can find happiness. This one is a little smaller than all the others, its a 12 x 12. Now its time to work big again and with some new figures!


Two’s company

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Sometimes I like to work in the negative, I took the image of the birds and painted the negative space and added some raised circles for texture and interest.

1419 pos neg birds

To finish it I drew a branch, I really like the under painting showing through. It is saying, “hey what do you think I was!”

8×8, acrylic on canvas,


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It has been a while since I have finished a larger painting. This is a 36 x 36, and after looking at it for a while I think I can say I like it and it is ready for you all to see. My family was not that excited by it…UNTIL we picked up a pair of 3D glasses and took a lot at it. WOW, I wish you all could see it! I know the colors have a lot to do with the 3D effect, but I think that all the stencil work helps too. The ‘flowers’ look like they are coming off the canvas! I want to do more work like this….Maybe for the Feb. art walk I will have all 3D paintings!


SHADOWS 36 x 36 acrylic on canvas

More Singing Owls

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I am trying to do some smaller work to have ready for the art walk in down town on July 5. I have had so much positive feed back on the owls, I decided to keep painting them. I really do enjoy the playful style and colors. It is a good way for me to unwind after a long day of teaching art camp painting classes to kids at the art station! The kids do inspire me to be ‘loose and free’ with the paint. As I always tell them, “There is no mistake in art!” So here are a few more owls. They are all 9 x 12 on canvas, $50.00 each.

singing owl 5 9x12 singing owl 3  9 x 12 singing owl 4 9x12

Warthog + Zebra = WARBRA!!!

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My daughter had to create her own animal for her biology class this week. She came up with a warbra. We had a lot of fun creating it. Here is one of the drawings. I think I may need to incorporate the warbra into some of my collage pieces!

warbra drawing

Purple collaged flowers

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This week has been about working with collage, and flowers. Maybe because it is spring time and every where I go I see flowers! I love all the bright colors and how abstract you can make the flowers. I was in Trader Joes and they had a lot of peonies, so I was inspired! I used the celery stalk as a stamp again for the middle part of the flowers! What fun exploring.

collage flower 2

10 x10 acrylic collage $45


Bachelor Blues

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I was cleaning out the studio and came across some older paintings that had been ‘put away’. After looking at this one for a while I decided it needed something different so it could stay out! Here is the old version that has been hiding…you can see why it was in hiding!

bachlor blues1

Here is the new version, I gave it more contrast and changed the vase, which really helped! I never liked the vase. Now it is worthy of a wall to hang on!

bachelor blues re-do

12×12 acrylic on wrapped canvas $75.00