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Fly away

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Some times when I am painting I will grab an old piece that never “became” anything, just because I need to play or try something new or maybe even just to take a break. This piece is one of those times. I think it was an owl I had started, but I liked the colors and the movement in it. A few months ago I had taken my class out side and we sat by the river and drew the birds and geese. I had been looking through my sketchbook and saw some of those drawings and thought it would be fun to make a negative space painting from the old owl canvas. So that’s what it is! A negative space painting that is very free, and looks like the motion of the geese I had captured in the sketches. Some day I will fly away, just like the geese!


9×12 mixed media collage


Ten Thousand Strong

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This next piece in the 6:26 series comes from a superchick song, well the next few ones do! I love this album, my daughter had been listening to it and reminded me of the song. She actually is the one who said it would make a good painting, maybe I should give it to her! The name of the album is ‘Rock what you got’, the song is called So Beautiful. The line that inspired this work of art goes like this…if every girl could see her beauty we would be an army. How true is that!!!! Lets all strive to SEE our BEAUTY!!! Come on ladies, let’s make that army of girls who are confident and love our selves!

10000 strong

Acrylic mixed media on watercolor paper

14.5″ x 22″

Show time

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I have been working between the collaged birds and the figures this last week. I’m getting ready to show all the bird paintings a week from Friday. I think I will have a good collection to show.

1422 tweet humming bird

8×10 bird 1422, mixed media, $40


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It has been a while since I have finished a larger painting. This is a 36 x 36, and after looking at it for a while I think I can say I like it and it is ready for you all to see. My family was not that excited by it…UNTIL we picked up a pair of 3D glasses and took a lot at it. WOW, I wish you all could see it! I know the colors have a lot to do with the 3D effect, but I think that all the stencil work helps too. The ‘flowers’ look like they are coming off the canvas! I want to do more work like this….Maybe for the Feb. art walk I will have all 3D paintings!


SHADOWS 36 x 36 acrylic on canvas

Singing Owls

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I took some of the small warm ups and I have been making then larger. Here are the first 2. These were done over problem paintings, so there is some texture on them that I am not in love with, but it has helped to get the feel for the owls. I will press on, playing with the owl theme.

singing owl 1 9x12

9 x 12 acrylic on board

This guy looks like he is wishing he hadn’t eaten that last mouse!

singing owl 2 9x12

9 x 12 acrylic on board


Purple collaged flowers

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This week has been about working with collage, and flowers. Maybe because it is spring time and every where I go I see flowers! I love all the bright colors and how abstract you can make the flowers. I was in Trader Joes and they had a lot of peonies, so I was inspired! I used the celery stalk as a stamp again for the middle part of the flowers! What fun exploring.

collage flower 2

10 x10 acrylic collage $45