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This theme is going strong, as I keep working on it I get more energized. These next few are becoming more emotional for me and personal because of circumstances in my own life. Painting is very healing for me….

Acrylic on canvas 16 x 20


Another in the Ransomed collection

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I have been enjoying working on my art for these last few days. As school winds down, I find myself more relaxed and able to work on my stuff instead of lesson plans and kid art! Although I do love it!  I really like the composition of this one and the Chinese characters. It has been really good to continue on a theme, I have enjoyed watching it evolve.

626 ransomed2

16×20 acrylic mixed media


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It has been about a year now that I have been working with the figure. I didn’t do too much painting during the school year, no time with all the teaching, but this last week has been fun to get back into the studio for my own art! The figure keeps evolving, but the theme is the same. For all women to see their worth. This worth comes from with in. No one can give it to you. You need to believe that you are worthy. That is why these are called the 6:26 works. It is from the Bible. Matt. 6:26, “are you not worth more than the sparrows?…”  God sees your worth, now it’s your turn!

beautiful 2

mixed media, on paper

6:26 Ransomed

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Still working on the same theme of self worth, courage and beauty, I took the figure a little more realistic. I was sketching one day and really liked this image, so I copied it a few times and collaged it onto paper and canvases. Here is the first with this new figure.  There is still a lot of collage, texture and words.

11 x 14 mixed media

626 ransomed1

Beauty in the broken -redo!

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After looking at this one for a while I decided it needed to change a little. I like it better and it is ready to go!


Ten Thousand Strong

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This next piece in the 6:26 series comes from a superchick song, well the next few ones do! I love this album, my daughter had been listening to it and reminded me of the song. She actually is the one who said it would make a good painting, maybe I should give it to her! The name of the album is ‘Rock what you got’, the song is called So Beautiful. The line that inspired this work of art goes like this…if every girl could see her beauty we would be an army. How true is that!!!! Lets all strive to SEE our BEAUTY!!! Come on ladies, let’s make that army of girls who are confident and love our selves!

10000 strong

Acrylic mixed media on watercolor paper

14.5″ x 22″

beauty in the broken

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Here is another one in the collection, 6:26. I think I will be donating this one to the Black and White Art Auction this fall to benefit Arts Central. I am really enjoying the direction of these pieces. It is so important for us to remember that we are created in HIS image and even though we can feel broken we are beautiful!


Acrylic, mixed media 24″ x 32″