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What is happiness? The Chinese character says it all. It is made from 4 words, God, one, man and garden. When we are one with God, in our garden, we can find happiness. This one is a little smaller than all the others, its a 12 x 12. Now its time to work big again and with some new figures!


Beauty in the broken -redo!

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After looking at this one for a while I decided it needed to change a little. I like it better and it is ready to go!


More Tuscan Fields

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I really like how colorful these are and working with the abstract shapes. I am going to do some experimental collage work in the next ones, getting ready for the show this Friday!

tuscan vineyard 2 Tuscan field with birds

The Rising

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The Rising

I like the interaction of the paint in this one. Mixed media.
14 x 18 x 1.5 painted edges, ready to hang $100.00


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36 x 36 acrylic on canvas $1,200

36 x 36 acrylic on canvas $1,200



After working on this piece for months, and changing it over and over, I decided to let it rest. I am calling it Transformation, not just because of where it has been, but it seemed like a good representation of the past months in my life!

Book workshop

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I went to a really cool workshop over the weekend, it was on book making. Roberta Lavadour taught it and I really want to make more books now! She was a great teacher. You can see some of her work at

Here is what I came home with

She taught us different bindings, so this is a sample book. After taking the class I knew I would forget everything I learned, so I made a small book yesterday to review the steps, and as I did that I wrote then in the book I made at the workshop. I think I will make this a workshop notebook! I will be doing a clay workshop in July!

Winter Tree

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Morgan was right, it needed something, here it is…

winter-tree2acrylic, 11×14